Live Bands – 2016

…. ‘Ring Ring… Ring Ring’

Oh it must be another live band member on the phone..

Firstly 2016 is soon to be here, 2016 wow! Doesn’t time just fly?….

Well we’ve been quite busy taking and making phone calls, writing emails and sending social media messages pretty much daily to make sure that 2016 is full of the best bands we can get are hands on – It’s been fun….

We contacted countless acts across Cornwall to play for us here at what we feel is Truro’s premier venue for live music.

Just some of the acts we’ve booked and more to follow…. Have a look…

Good Old Fashioned Lover Boys,  Snake Oil, 8 Ball Boogie Band, Loco, Mister T, The Devil’s Deuce, Boundless Brothers, Not The Beatles, Sandy Acre 7, Black Friday, Cool As F***, Sinpusher, Dirty Dog, High Voltage, Slide 75, Three Minute Warning, Devil’s Creek, Dazed ‘n’ Confused, Scuppered, Barracoodas and many more…..

We’re so excited about 2016 – But also please note, The Legendary Jam Night is on every Monday including right the way through 2016!