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Friday 2nd October 2015 – Old Ale House – Team Tasting

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The staff arrived at approx 11:15am well in time for our planned 11:30am food tasting of our new dishes that are now on the menu.

The very excited staff were led upstairs by Manager – Robin Lawson and Lead Chef – Dan Russell.

The staff got comfortable around the table and the dishes started arriving first out  was the new dish added to the ‘Starters‘ section, Cornish blue cheese and walnut fritters with pear chutney (V), this dish is definitely going to be a favourite, the staff very much enjoyed this, not a crumb left!

Next up and delivered to the table was the new Apple Slayer slow cooked Belly pork with champ mash, Apple Slayer cider sauce and crispy crackling, which can now be found on the ‘Main Courses and Sharers’ section, our lovely team charged with their forks like spears into this beautiful dish – another winner!

The table was cleared and out came the other addition to the ‘Main Courses and Sharers’ section – Confit duck leg hash, fried duck egg, Lushingtons brown sauce, team members again enjoyed this one, especially cutting through the duck yolk and letting the yolk run through to the hash. Scrummy!

Well indeed Summer is over ‘boo hoo’, so we’ve removed the Summer broth but it was enjoyed by so many we’ve replaced it with a Winter broth and bread, which you can find in the ‘Starters‘ section.

Added to our ‘Hot Filled Breads’ section is Betty’s Cornish Rarebit with winter leaves (V). Didn’t last two seconds in front of us.

ATTENTION Vegetarians – here you go, Butternut Squash Wellington with chestnut buttered greens (V), can now be found in the ‘Main Courses and Sharers’ section

Last out and certainly not forgotten was the new dessert which can be found in the ‘One for the Road‘ section of our menu, Apple and cobnut crumble with Callestick Farm Ice Cream – Wow as soon as the dish hit the table the staff were oooo’ing and arrrhing.

Also, don’t forget to note we still have the Old Ale House’s favourites on the menu including, Loaded Potato wedges with house pulled pork and Cornish yarg and Betty Stogs’ battered fish with wedges.

So the above was enjoyed by all  our team here at The Old Ale House, but we’d love for you to try some of the new dishes and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed!

You can download our latest menus below;

Hopstore Menu     Christmas Menu